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But what is Counseling?

My approach as an Expressive Counselor following the Integrated Existential Humanistic model

COUNSELING is the professional guidance that intends to help people help themselves by using a variety of different skills and methods.

It is focused on the development and promotion of the well-being of the person. 

As a Counselor my job is to help you and facilitate your process to reach self-awareness through the relationship we create. I will help you to discover and make connections between your specific needs and personal resources, lighting up your potential to experiment new behaviors, self confidence and the sense of self efficacy.


Counseling can help you understand yourself and your thinking process by attaining a clear view of your needs and difficulties.

From the beginning, we will work together to determine the goals of our sessions and identify the specific issues that you wish to work on in order to gain wellness and autonomy.


The Humanistic Existential Counseling is based on the Humanistic psychology and the Person-Centered therapy of Carl Rogers.

With a Pluralistic didactical orientation that applies forces from several theories: Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural therapy which combines the integration of different methodologies and interventions.

This means that like an artist, I have several tools in my atelier that based on the method I consider most effective, I can choose to create WITH YOU the piece of art following your needs.

Alongside this theoretical system, non-verbal Expressive methodologies such as graphic, pictorial art, narrative, poetry, theatre, music, dance, yoga and mindfulness, make Expressive Counseling a specific help-recipe, which uses the artistic act to facilitate self-awareness through the expression of thoughts and experiences, leading to changes. 


The journey starts with achieving a clear and shared objective, compatible with Counseling, to:

  • Regain life creativity and energy

  • Be helped in facing a difficult situation

  • Improve relationships

  • Develop awareness regarding a subject

  • Learn to identify and manage emotions

  • Be listened

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Be helped in taking a decision



Specifically the objective must be achievable on the basis of the client resources and will-power, the level of awareness and the context.

Nonetheless for the success of the Counseling sessions it is essential the working alliance based on acceptance and authenticity of both, Counselor and client.




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​LAUGHTER YOGA (LYL  registration No.  LY-0039-FG-790)


What’s more, if you are experiencing stalled creativity, we can work together on disengage any issues that are blocking your inspirations and regain courage, satisfaction and enjoyment.

Your art can be used as a tool to help you to understand and enlighten any fears, criticism or negative feelings causing a loss of focus on your artistic flow.

Thus, I encourage and support any expressive activity related to your work or hobby as a lens to focus on the discovery of your needs and objectives of the moment. 





My name is Giovanna your Expressive Counselor, scrolling you will read a bit of me...

CREŌ is a reflection of myself. It is my attitude, my authentic way to live my personal journey and my relationship with you. 

People describe me as emphatic and unconventional, creative, ironic and extremely broad minded. They say I have a gift for communication, but also for helping others to express unspoken thoughts (non-verbal communication).

And last but not least, I am gifted by a highly developed observation skill, which helps me to be more aware of what is happening around me and you.

Creativity is the monocle through which I like to create connections in my everyday life.

Because of my origins, I have a multilingual and multicultural background. In order to cultivate CREŌ, the essence of creative life, I am still continuing my journey meeting new countries and cultures.

​Looking back at my personal life story, which led me to Counseling, I can compare myself to a Pâtissier who passionately experienced and learned how to create and manage a new titbit. 

I believe that being introduced to Counseling as a client first, allowed me to have a complete vision of the process and the relation between the Counselor and the client easing me into the pursuit of this profession with passion and confidence.

Therefore, my objective is to help you gain insights for your personal or professional journey, with a unique and tailored approach.


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I am glad to consider any worldwide collaboration.

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